It is obvious that we are all trying to live a healthy living in the earth’s system and that we are trying to contribute to it, defending our convictions and opinions, and adapting to what we find convenient. And especially nowadays, we, or at least the general public, try to establish and maintain a healthy state of this planet’s system for our future generations, which is totally just. And that being widely popularized.

But at the same time, the earth human beings live on is really small—compared to the rest of what is actually existing. Just think of us and our planet located in the sun galaxy and then think of the countless number of other galaxies in the universe—all of them in an unimaginable distance and of barely imaginable dimensions. And then, think back of yourself, sitting at your desk, remembering the issue you have just been thinking about and maybe struggling to find a solution to it. You will then very probably wonder about the actual effect your solution might have on the rest of “the world”. I would say, the answer to this is not exacltly measurable because scientists haven’t figured out yet the 100% of what is out there and how exactly it interacts.

I’m not saying that trying to do “good” doesn’t lead to anything and is senseless. I’m pointing out to the fact that one might let go of the thought that there are definite “right” and “wrong” things to do—of course not to forget that human beings are the very constructors of their own world. The appreciation of life (basically meaning a small window of time we are given on this planet) and the attempt to live a convenient life in harmony with others are actually the best conditions for a valuable and peaceful life, and of course also the consideration of the consequences of your actions. If only the world was peaceful. But it isn’t. Probably some people mentally put too much weight in their actions. May be.


Tiny Life