Geography! Well, I am a passionate geographer and I am trying to look at our surroundings from as many angles as possible – well aware of the fact that a hundred percent can never be achieved. This perspective is not as depressive as it might seem at first, but it is an attitude that actually gives you as much freedom as there is. It leaves you space for creativity knowing that you have lots and lots of chances and ways to find a suitable solution — without any pressure that you have to achieve what might be the right thing. There is no right thing because definitions vary with the viewpoint. They are constructions of people’s individual or collective backgrounds. They can be deconstructed, reproduced and appropriated — on the basis of objective and interest.

I like to deconstruct certain concepts, as for example sustainability, that have mainly been popularized and have been incorporated in our everyday life, and are therefore being used by a general public without being regarded from a critical perspective and without being redefined to some extent. Obviously, when many different interests are being taken account of, a rather equal distribution of resources can be achieved. Here, a trans-disciplinary approach is inevitable — which leads you directly to the science of geography, or at least to my definition of geography: basically saying, the consideration and linkage of the maximum of factors as a way to find solutions that fit the maximum of those involved — to make as much people happy as possible 🙂

I am here to illuminate this, to share my experiences, to deconstruct what I see, to link different perspectives or just to share what I see and find interesting. Of course, I like to be inspired by other bloggers who share their points of view. The sharing of experiences is a great possibility for others to benefit and develop new ideas, link other people’s perspectives with their own ones — and create new ones.