Let me tell you a funny story that I experienced at the exposition. On the first day of the exposition, I was wandering around, curious about the village projects and taking pictures. As I stopped at the Luizhou stand where there were women in traditional clothing, there was one man asking me if he could take a picture of me. I was not surprised by that because people often want to take pictures of me as a foreigner from Germany with blond hair. So he took a picture of me and all of a sudden, there was a group of five or six people in front of me all directing their cameras and smartphones on me!! This. Was. Crazy. I guess you can imagine how awkward but at the same time amused I felt. Fortunately, there was a girl from Luizhou (going to a university in Beijing) speaking a little English and she translated for me all the information the villagers told me. Her mom even gave me a noodle soup, I was so pleased by all the kindness and hospitality towards me. And guess what, my appearance in the exposition was even reported in several local newspapers and on TV! I was apparently the only foreign visitor at the exposition…

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