So, today was my first Saturday here in Shenzhen. I made grasse matinée, also because I stayed up late to follow the horrible happenings in Munich last night. How sad… After some work, I met a friend from the office, Qiu Jin, at the metro station and we went to the OCT Loft, a cultural place in town especially popular for younger people – an „it”-place with cafés, restaurants, shops and arts/cultural exhibitions. We met a few from the office and they gave us two tickets for a water sprinkling festival in a place called Splendid China /Folk culture villages. It is a theme park with various ethnic houses and villages, also reconstructed in miniature size. They sold food and candy prepared in traditional ways and also traditional clothes like dresses and hats, and jewellry, bags, pencils, decorational objects and all other kinds of objects originating from Chinese tradition were being sold. Furthermore, there were shows showing traditional ways of celebrating, such as a wedding, from different minorities in China. It included dances, instruments and costumes and I found it really fascinating and beautiful. The diversity and richness of Chinese culture seem endless. So, while in Cologne there is a park with Chinese, Asian and African themed quarters, there are theme parks in China which promote local historical architectural, tangible and intangible culture. Now think about that.

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